Bofors Anti-Aircraft Gun

A collection of images of a Bofors anti-aircraft gun taken on the grounds at Caldicot Castle.

All photos were taken on May 6th 2017
Photos: Tony Wilkins

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Rolling Thunder Vietnam War battle re enactment at Fortress Wales 2016

The members of the Rolling Thunder, a UK-based living history group dedicated to the US soldiers who served in Vietnam re-enact a battle that took place in 1968 between the 1st Air Cavalry Division and the Viet Cong.

Not “British” but a fascinating demonstration nonetheless.

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DotR on YouTube – Fortress Wales 2015 – Why the AK-47 was better than the M-16.

There has long been a debate as to which was the better weapon; the AK-47 or the M-16. As this demonstration shows there is one simple reason why many argue for the AK-47.

I understand this is not technically a British topic exactly but it is an interesting one as British forces have used the M-16 operationally and British special forces are trained how to use the AK-47.