RAF Typhoons bomb a Daesh bunker in western Iraq

Video posted on the Ministry of Defence’s YouTube channel today. On Wednesday December 7th 2016, RAF Typhoon FGR.4s operating out of RAF Akrotiri in Cyprus attacked a Daesh bunker in western Iraq and a Daesh-held building north of Mosul.

News Round-Up – August 6th 2016

RAF Tornado GR4 Laser guided bomb paveway

Here are some of the latest British military news stories making the headlines.

British Army News

British Army soldier at Aldershot base in kidnapping scare – weeks after RAF Marham ‘kidnap plot’ was foiled

Ministry of Defence to review Iraq abuse cases in attempt to clear names of soldiers tarnished by Phil Shiner’s legal claims

Birth of the modern British Army: Rare photographic find records soldiers heading off to bash the Boers in Empire’s first major conflict of the 20th Century
(Daily Mail)

Senior British army officer accused of sexual assault in Canada

Royal Air Force News

RAF bombs Isil training base in Saddam Hussein’s former palace

Chief of Royal Air Force visits Estonia
(Baltic News)

Battle of Britain pilot who helped dig the tunnel out of the Stalag POW camp made famous in The Great Escape film has died
(Daily Mail)

Royal Navy & Marines News

British warships should be sent to Gibraltar ‘to protect it from Spain’ during Brexit negotiations
(The Sun)

British Laser Gun Development Held Up By Industry Protest
(Defense News)

One Of Last WWI Royal Navy Ships Set For Scrapyard
(Forces TV)

UK Royal Navy to receive new upgraded Merlin MK2 helicopter
(Naval Technology)

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RAF deploy Storm Shadow missiles against ISIS in Iraq

RAF Tornado GR.4 Storm Shadow

Tornado armed with two Storm Shadows under the fuselage

Royal Air Force strike aircraft operating against ISIS forces in Iraq have used one of the most powerful weapons in the British arsenal for the first time. Flying from RAF Akrotiri in Cyprus, two Tornado GR.4s launched four Storm Shadow air-launched cruise missiles against a weapon store housed in a reinforced bunker that harked back to the days of Saddam Hussein.

Storm Shadow is a long-range, stand-off, air-launched missile and is arguably the most advanced weapon of its kind in the world. Equipped with a powerful conventional warhead it was designed specifically to attack important hardened targets and infrastructure; a requirement that arose in the days of the Cold War. The missile can fly at high sub-sonic speeds out to a range in excess of 150 miles and is designed to have low-observability on radar.

An RAF spokesperson told the media;

Intelligence had determined that Daesh were using a large concrete bunker in western Iraq as a weapons facility. Due to the massive construction, built during the Saddam era, it was decided to use four Storm Shadow missiles against it, as the weapon has particularly good capabilities against such a challenging target. The missiles were launched on Sunday 26 June by two Tornados, all four Storm Shadows scored direct hits and penetrated deep within the bunker.

RAF Tornados strike Daesh truck-bomb factory

Footage released by MoD YouTube page

In northern Iraq, intelligence had located a large truck-bomb factory near Mosul and two RAF Tornado GR4s armed with 1000lb Enhanced Paveway II guided bombs were tasked with its destruction. The attack took place on June 6th and involved a single Enhanced Paveway II laser guided bomb. As you can see from the footage the attack was devastating.

RAF Tornados blast two Daesh headquarters in a day

Attacks took place on May 20th 2016. Footage released by MoD YouTube page

Intelligence analysis pinpointed two Daesh headquarters in north-west Syria, located 10 and 25 miles respectively north of Aleppo near the fighting along the Mar’a Line. A pair of Tornado GR4s were tasked with their destruction on Friday 20 May.

One of the command posts was in a very solidly constructed building, this was targeted with two Enhanced Paveway II 1000lb bombs. A pair of 500lb Paveway IVs were used against the second headquarters. Both targets were destroyed by direct hits.