Armstrong-Whitworth (Gloster) Meteor NF.13 WM366/4X-FNA at the Jet Age Museum

A small collection of pictures of Gloster Meteor NF.13 WM366 / 4X-FNA on display at the Jet Age Museum in Gloucestershire.
History: The Jet Age Museum
Photos: Tony Wilkins


This rare Meteor NF.13, the tropicalised version of the Armstrong Whitworth NF.11 night fighter, was gifted to the Jet Age Museum by GJD Services Limited at Bruntingthorpe. Only 40 of the type were built, serving with the Syrian, Egyptian, Israeli and French air forces.

This NF.13 served with the Israeli Air Force with the serial 4X-FNA and was delivered in 1955 or 56. It previously carried the British serial WM366 when it was based at the Aircraft & Armament Experimental Establishment and at the Radar Research Establishment.

GJD Services, which specialises in aircraft and engine maintenance, recovery and disposal, acquired it from Lasham, where it belonged to SWWAPS, the Second World War Aircraft Preservation Society. Although the centre section, wings and tailplane are from the Israeli Meteor, it is in fact a composite: the nose is from Meteor TT.20 WM234, latterly at Arborfield near Reading, and the rear fuselage belonged to Meteor F8 VZ462 from Biggin Hill.

The aircraft has recently been moved inside the museum’s display building having previously been stored outside after having been repainted.