Kitten’s extraordinary 300 mile journey to join 814 NAS

Kitten cat

The history of the Royal Navy includes a number of quite famous cats. It has long been customary to have a cat amongst a ship’s company in order to hunt down rodent stowaways that threatened the crew’s food supplies. In many cases, these cat’s exploits became legendary such as when the cat aboard HMS Prince of Wales, known as Blackie, was photographed with Winston Churhill during his historic meeting with US President Franklin D. Roosevelt. Another Royal Navy cat who served in World War II was Peebles, ship’s cat aboard HMS Western Isles who was said to greet visitors to the ship by offering them a paw in the way of a handshake.

Now, another moggie looks set to join the Royal Navy’s long line of famous felines and he made an epic journey in order to do so. Lieutenant Nick Grimmer serves with the Fleet Air Arm’s 814 NAS (whose emblem is actually a tiger!) and after driving to RNAS Culdrose from Birmingham Airport, he opened the boot to his prized BMW and heard a strange noise coming from the back bumper. He tried to find the source of the noise and was forced to call in some of the groundcrew to help.

Much to his disdain, he had to watch as the groundcrew removed the bumper of his BMW to reveal a tiny kitten with a tiger striped pattern on his back. It appears the kitten was using the car as a shelter in Birmingham when Grimmer returned to his car and drove the 300 miles south to Culdrose in Cornwall. Frightened by the noise of travelling in the car it climbed further inside the bumper until it became stuck.

Given the name Tigger by the personnel at 814 NAS, an effort has been launched to find if he has an owner but it appears nobody is in any hurry to send him back and he has already been offered the role of squadron mascot. It seems he is quite content sleeping in Lt. Grimmer’s flight helmet.

Kitten cat royal navy helmet

Photos: Royal Navy Facebook