AEC Militant Mk.III NJI 8477 “Edith”

A collection of images of AEC Militant Mk.III NJI 8477 “Edith” taken on the grounds at Caldicot Castle.

All photos were taken on May 6th 2017
Photos: Tony Wilkins

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Bedford RL GS / 52 EL 20

A collection of images of a Bedford RL logistics truck (52 EL 20) taken on the grounds at Caldicot Castle.

The Bedford RL was based on the civilian Bedford SCL 7-ton truck and over 74,000 were built between the 1950s and the 1970s during which time it became the British forces’ main medium truck before being gradually replaced by the Bedford MK/MJ series.

All photos were taken on May 6th 2017
Photos: Tony Wilkins

Restoration of a 1944 GMC – Crowdfunder Appeal

David Chambers and his father are looking for supporters of their project to restore this 1944 GMC 353 H1 tipper that he and his father have saved from the scrapheap. Based in South Wales, the father and son duo have saved and restored several US World War II vehicles in the past and displayed them at numerous events for enthusiasts and the public alike to experience these pieces of history first hand.

1944 GMC 353 H1 tipper

As well as helping restore the vehicle, there are benefits to donating a list of which can be found on the group’s crowdfunder page which you can link to below.

Just three of their collection.
I had the pleasure of viewing some of their impressive collection recently so I can I promise you they know what they are doing.

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Photographic Targets of Opportunity

It was a rather drizzly Monday morning and I found myself travelling on the M4 between Newport and Chepstow after taking my wife to the dentist to have a tooth removed. Then suddenly in the distance I spotted three rather large trucks and on the back of these trucks were Challenger II tanks.

Despite the left side of her face feeling very numb my ever loving (alternatively “ever suffering”) wife took out her phone and snapped a few pictures for me to share on the site. Taking pictures of moving vehicles in a moving vehicle is difficult at the best of times but she did well and I am sure I will be making it up to her somehow. To top it off she then added a short video which I have posted on the Facebook page.