News Round-Up – March 8th 2016

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Here are some of the latest British military news stories making the headlines.

The Royal Navy ship being sent to tackle smuggling gangs
(ITV News)

Heli-Expo 2016: Crews prepare for Falklands SAR
(Shephard Media)

Royal Navy ship HMS Enterprise rescues 100 migrants from the Mediterranean
(The Mirror)

Trident safety blunders exposed 20 workers to radiation, says MoD
(The Ferret)

RAF planes in low altitude near miss with spinning paraglider over Ingleborough
(Craven Herald)

Factory where Army’s new Welsh Ajax armoured vehicles will be built officially opens
(South Wales Evening Post)

British MoD Negotiate Schedules for New Ships
(Defense News)

RAF Odiham helicopter crash inquest into death of servicemen in Afghanistan begins
(Get Hampshire)

He fought for the British Army in Helmand and Basra so why has this Scottish soldier been left destitute?
(Evening Times)

Outrage as IRA bomber is set to be handed state-funded armed services pension
(Daily Express)


Russia to deploy sole aircraft carrier Admiral Kuznetsov in the Mediterranean
(Daily Sabah)

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NEWS: Royal Navy rescue another 134 migrants in the Mediterranean

The Type 23 frigate, HMS Richmond, has been involved in the recovery of 134 migrants from a dinghy that was attempting to cross the Mediterranean from North Africa to Europe. The ship’s company provided food and medical assistance to the migrants before they were taken ashore to Sicily. The frigate was operating as part of a multi-national fleet conducting operations in the Mediterranean.

The European fleet rescued more than 500 people from a flotilla of overcrowded and barely seaworthy vessels. A spokesman for the operation said that as well as the 134 men and women rescued by the Royal Navy, the Belgians recovered 258 people and the Slovenian Navy retrieved up 76 people. This was the third group of migrants HMS Richmond has rescued in less than two weeks and brings the number of migrants rescued by the Royal Navy up to nearly 8,000 since May.

NEWS: Royal Navy and RAF to provide security to EU summit on the migrant crisis in Malta

HMS Bulwark (Royal Navy)

HMS Bulwark (Royal Navy)

The flagship of the Royal Navy, HMS Bulwark, and the frigate HMS Somerset will be part of the security being provided for this week’s EU summit being held on the island of Malta. RAF Typhoon fighters will be operating from bases in Sicily as well to provide air defence duties should they be required. Despite the heavy British military presence both the British and Maltese governments have stressed that the Maltese government have final authority on all security arrangements and decisions.

This summit will take place on the 11th and 12th of November at the Mediterranean Conference Centre in Valletta, Malta’s capital city. The conference will be held to address the current demands of the continually unfolding migrant crisis on the European member states. The EU press release also states that the conference will be used to look in to addressing the root causes of the crisis.

The Maltese Prime Minister, Joseph Muscat, explained to the media that while he expected no imminent terrorist or external threat to Malta during the summit he felt it prudent to ask the UK to assist in security areas that cannot be covered by the Maltese defence forces. HMS Bulwark will be docked in Malta while HMS Somerset will patrol the seas around the island. It is perhaps fitting that Bulwark should be aiding in providing security for the summit having been heavily involved in the rescue of migrants trying to cross the Mediterranean earlier this year.

NEWS: Disturbances at RAF refugee camp in Cyprus

RAF Akrotiri in Cyprus (Google)

RAF Akrotiri in Cyprus (Google)

The past week has seen a number of incidents of anger and frustration amongst the migrants who landed at an RAF base in Cyprus last month. A total of 114 refugees, mostly from Syria, including 67 men, 19 women and 28 children, landed in Cyprus at RAF Akrotiri. They have since been moved to RAF Dhekelia near Larnaca where the trouble brewed up on Monday night.

The migrants have become increasingly angry over the way they feel they have been treated with footage of a man taken on a mobile phone shouting at British police that they are being treated like animals while another man made reference to Guantánamo Bay. On Monday night British police had to force their way through an angry crowd in an attempt to stop a man from hanging himself.

The British government has reiterated that is has an agreement with the Cypriot authorities to hand over the migrants and a small number have been moved out but around 100 remain at the camp. The government has stressed that the British bases on Cyprus will not be allowed to become a “new migrant route” to the UK but did emphasize that the conditions at the facility were better than other migrant camps across Europe.

NEWS: 140 migrants arrive at RAF base in Cyprus

RAF Akrotiri in Cyprus (Google)

RAF Akrotiri in Cyprus (Google)

Two boats carrying migrants have come ashore this morning at RAF Akrotiri in Cyprus in what is effectively the first time that refugees have landed directly on what is considered British sovereign soil. Early reports indicate that 140 people were aboard two boats that made it to the base from North Africa and that another two boats are on the way.

A spokesman for the base said.

We have not established where they are from yet.

This is also the first time Cyprus has seen a considerable number of migrants arrive as they have tended to avoid the island preferring to go to mainland Europe.

RAF Akrotiri has been on the frontline of military operations against Islamic State in Iraq being home to a number of Tornado GR.4 strike aircraft. In recent months the local population have been increasingly unhappy with the base which was exacerbated by an incident where a weapon fell off a Tornado in to the Cypriot countryside. The British government has said it is considering giving the base to the Cypriot government at some time in the future providing certain political safeguards are met.