Hawker Hurricane IIA Z2389 “XR-J” at Brooklands Museum

A collection of pictures of Hawker Hurricane IIA Z2389 “XR-J” on display at the Brooklands Museum in Surrey.

All photos were taken on April 5th 2016
Photos: Tony Wilkins

This aircraft has a fascinating history being one of a number of Hawker Hurricanes delivered to the Soviet Air Force during World War II. The aircraft was delivered as part of Arctic convoy PQ16 in May 1942. In Soviet service the aircraft was assigned to the 767th Regiment of the Red Air Force based on the Kola Penninsula.

On June 20th 1942 the aircraft was shot down along with two other Hurricanes when they engaged a superior force of Messerschmitt Bf109Fs and Bf110s over Murmansk. The remains of the aircraft were discovered in 1996 and partial restoration began before it was delivered to Brooklands in 1997 for completion. It was unveiled to the public in 2010 on the 75th anniversary of the first flight of a Hurricane (November 1935).

According to Brooklands’ website the long term goal is to restore the aircraft to taxying condition.

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