A New Year Message

Hello everybody,

As you probably expect this is where I wish you all a Happy New Year and thank you again for your support. I do genuinely wish you all the very best and thank you but I wanted the last post on Defence of the Realm for 2015 to have an important message and today I decided on what that message should be.

I want you all to remember that being Muslim does not make someone a terrorist.

That sentence is probably the most important one I have ever written on the site because I am continually seeing Islam confused with terrorism because of ISIS and I am saddened by that. Their twisted ideology is confusing the real situation and it is breeding an atmosphere of hate and distrust that if we embrace will mean we are no better than ISIS.

I am a Christian man who has Muslim friends. I do not view them as my enemy and in 2016 I believe it will be more important than ever to make sure we see that difference.

The video below was taken in the wake of the Paris attacks last month. It shows a Muslim man in Paris who has blindfolded himself and put his trust in the good nature of Parisians offering them hugs of friendship to show that Daesh ISIS does not speak for the Islamic world at large. It is beautiful to behold and reflects the message I am trying to send out.

Happy New Year

-Tony Wilkins