News Round-up – January 30th 2018


HMS Forth 2018 P222 offshore patrol vessel boat opv

Here are some of the latest British military news stories making the headlines this past week.

General Defence News

How the UK armed forces would look if you started from scratch
(The Guardian)

Your Fitness Tracking App May Have Revealed the Location of Secret Army Bases

Gavin Williamson anger at Ministry of Defence for flying EU flags despite Brexit vote

Russia mocks Gavin Williamson’s attack warning
(BBC News)

Two UK pilots fly F-35 jet following training
(Naval Technology)

Arms deal watchdog to get new teeth to stop defence companies profiteering

Ministry of Defence loses up to £4bn on property deal under which it rents 7000 empty homes 

More than £1 billion spent on armed forces recruitment
(Daily Mail)

British Army News

Soldier Who Died At Deepcut ‘Needed Constant Watching’
(Forces Network)

Op-Ed: Has the British army gone soft?

Ex-Army Head Calls For Better Mental Health Treatment
(Forces Network)

Withdrawal Of Troops From Germany Could Be Halted And “When Not If” For Major UK Cyber-Attack
(Forces Network)

Chester MP joins British troops on border with Russia
(The Chester Standard)

DUP split over ‘amnesty’ for security forces, says Beattie
(Belfast Telegraph)

Inside the British army training programme for Somali soldiers fighting one of the world’s most feared terrorist groups

Defence jobs plea over £3bn vehicle contract
(BBC News)

Royal Air Force News

RAF to scrap twin-seat Typhoons
(IHS Jane’s 360)

RAF eyes the skies in Shetland
(Shephard Media)

RAF reveals reason why Coningsby jet declared ’emergency’ mid-air over the North Sea
(Lincolnshire Live)

Investigation into missing Corrie McKeague has cost £2.1m
(Norfolk Eastern Daily Press)

‘Tail spotter’ hobbyists counted on by UK, US militaries to watch for suspicious behavior
(Stars and Stripes)

Canada sends three aircraft to RAF Fairford centenary show
(Swindon Advertiser)

Royal Navy & Marines News

Royal Navy accepts OPV
(Shephard Media)

Royal Navy Helps Out Islanders on Still-Devastated Anguilla
(The Maritime Executive)

Navy’s new £3.1bn aircraft carrier HMS Queen Elizabeth hit by flood after mystery sprinkler system sparks flood
(The Sun)

Wanted! A Site For Retired Nuclear Submarine Waste
(Forces Network)

HMS Raleigh offers training for HMS Queen Elizabeth’s new workboats
(Naval Technology)

Royal Navy gets new sonar training facility
(Shephard Media)

Royal Navy museum searching for designer for new exhibition

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News Round-Up – November 20th 2017

British Army Challenger 2 II main battle tank

Here are some of the latest British military news stories making the headlines this past week.

General Defence News

Britain’s new military BFF (Best Friend France)

MoD Figures Show British Armed Forces Falling In Strength
(Forces Network)

Former Defence Ministers Call For More Cash To Be Pumped Into The Armed Forces
(Forces Network)

Putin Wants to Rebuild Soviet Union, Former Head of British Army Warns

Fightback over defence cuts as political choices jeopardise our nation’s security

£2500 Ministry of Defence grant pays for therapy garden at primary school
(Schools Week)

Jet engine inventor’s son visits Wright-Patterson
(Dayton Daily News)

Royal Navy And British Army Unite For Drill Practice
(Forces Network)

British Army News

Tanks here to stay say army on Battle of Cambrai’s 100-year anniversary
(Times & Star)

The Battle of Cambrai: ‘We had a sense of victory for the first time’
(BBC News)

Is the British Army on the Verge of Developing Super Ammo?
(The National Interest Online)

British military dog receives highest honor for valor
(KOMO News)

Goodbye Comfort Zone: Teenagers Get Taste Of Army Life
(Forces Network)

British Invasion! Royal Army sending more troops to train at Ft Polk
(KALB News)

Francis Rowntree killing ‘not justified’ – coroner
(BBC News)

Joseph Parker inquest: New witness ‘saw soldier shoot at man’
(BBC News)

Royal Air Force News

David Davis demanded the RAF fly him to Brexit negotiations
(Business Insider Nordic)

New Air Training Corps members recite the ‘cadets promise’
(Lynn News)

RAF Shawbury officer awarded flight safety award for drone awareness campaign
(Shropshire Star)

Babcock seals the deal for £160m worth of contracts with the Royal Air Force
(City A.M.)

UK RAF Air Chief Marshal Sir Stephen John Hillier calls on ACM Dhanoa
(City Today)

Royal Navy & Marines News

Crack Royal Navy squad sent in to save missing Argentina submarine crew from beneath the waves
(The Sun)

Ex-Liberal Democrat leader Paddy Ashdown warns Royal Marines could ‘disappear in six years

Queen to commission Royal Navy’s HMS Queen Elizabeth on 7 December
(Naval Technology)

Royal Navy sailors set for a historic first as they guard the Queen
(The Portsmouth News)

Trident submarine plans facing a ‘perfect storm’ of problems, says MoD report
(Herald Scotland)

Royal Navy divers destroy wartime bomb found 60m from North Sea gas pipe
(Norfolk Eastern Daily Press)

Royal Navy commanders to use drones to track Russian ships near British waters

Royal Navy rescues solo yachtsman stricken in rough seas in Bay of Biscay
(Sky News)

Disclaimer: All news stories are the property of their respective publishers. Any opinions expressed in the articles are of the person making them. An effort is made to vary news sources as much as possible to avoid political bias.

Westminster attack makes two days of terror in the UK

The incidents that unfolded outside the Houses of Parliament and on Westminster Bridge this afternoon mark two consecutive days of terror attacks on UK soil. While the details of precisely what happened today are still being released to the media what we do know is that a man drove a vehicle in to a crowd of pedestrians on Westminster Bridge before crashing in to railings. The attack eerily echoes similar attacks carried out in France and Germany over the last year. Figures on casualties remain unconfirmed at this time but at least five people have been seen removed from the scene by ambulance.

He then abandoned the vehicle and at around 1445hrs either he or an accomplice attacked a police officer outside the Houses of Parliament. The police officer was stabbed before the attacker was then shot by armed officers responding to the scene. British Prime Minister Theresa May was still inside the building at the time of the attack on the officer following her weekly Prime Minister’s Questions with the House of Commons and was quickly ushered away by her security team. The House of Commons was then put in to lockdown as the area was searched and secured by police officers.

While the incident at Westminster is getting world attention it has overshadowed a terror attack carried out on UK soil yesterday by Irish dissidents in Strabane, County Tyrone. A bomb exploded near two Police Service of Northern Ireland (PSNI) officers patrolling Townsend Street at 2030hrs on Tuesday night. The attack occurred just hours after former IRA commander Martin McGuinness’s body was carried through Bogside in Derry just 12 miles away.

PSNI Strabane

PSNI vehicle in Strabane, County Tyrone (BBC)

Speaking to the press, PSNI Superintendent Gordon McCalmont said;

“We are incredibly lucky that the lives of officers and other members of the community were not lost last night.

It is the latest in a string of attacks by Irish dissidents that included a sniper attack on a PSNI officer at a petrol station in north Belfast in January and an attempted bomb attack in the Poleglass area of the city. The Police Federation for Northern Ireland described the attackers who planted the bomb as “terrorists” while many republican politicians voiced their condemnation.

2009 Massereene Barracks Shooting

Saturday 7th March 2009

Massereene Barracks was situated in Antrim and in 2009 was home to 38 Engineering Regiment. Despite it being north western Europe, the combat fatigues worn by most of the soldiers at the barracks that day were of the desert type suited to Afghanistan for the regiment were on the eve of a deployment to Afghanistan as part of Operation Herrick. At approximately 2140hrs, a group of soldiers emerged from the barracks to meet up with two delivery drivers from the local Domino’s Pizza. Among them were Sappers Mark Fitzpatrick, Patrick Azimkar, Richard Marshall, Christopher Fairclough and Mark Quinsey.

The soldiers spoke mainly to one of the drivers, local man Anthony Watson, since his colleague was a Polish-born man who spoke very little English. As they worked out their bill they were unaware that they were being observed by the two occupants of a green Vauxhall Cavalier that had stopped across the road from the main gate to the barracks.

According to Sapper Mark Fitzpatrick’s account,  he heard some commotion followed by someone shouting for them to take cover. There was suddenly a burst of automatic gunfire that hit Sappers Patrick Azimkar and Mark Quinsey. Azimkar fell against Fitzpatrick before dropping to the ground; conscious but in pain. Quinsey was silent however. Fitzpatrick quickly took cover in the footwell of the pizza driver’s car while Richard Marshall took cover behind the vehicle before making a run for the main gate with Fairclough to alert the barracks of the attack.

Whilst taking cover in the car, Fitzpatrick looked up at one of the gunmen. He later described what happened next;

Whoever it was wanted to cause damage and they finished [Amzikar] off before firing in at me…There was no remorse. He knew what he was doing, he just seemed to do it all quick. When he saw me in the car he opened fire. [The gun] was an automatic, probably about 10 to 15 seconds of constant fire.


Azimkar & Quinsey

Fitzpatrick was wounded in the chest where one of the 7.62mm bullets from a Romanian AKM assault rifle punctured his lung. He was also hit in his hand and shoulder. Both delivery drivers were wounded in the attack but their injuries were not life-threatening. Sappers Pat Azimkar and Mark Quinsey were both killed however with the former being shot again at close range despite already being wounded in the initial attack. They were the first British Army casualties as a result of dissident action in Northern Ireland since 1997.

The attackers fired off around 60 rounds of ammunition equivalent to two full magazines before retreating back in to their vehicle and fleeing the scene. The green Vauxhall Cavalier was found a few hours later abandoned eight miles away near Randalstown; there had been an effort to burn the vehicle but DNA evidence was obtained from it. As the news broke, the offices of The Sunday Tribune newspaper in Dublin received a call from the Real IRA – a splinter group from the previous Provisional IRA – claiming responsibility for the attack promising that as long as there was a “British military occupation of Northern Ireland” then there would be more bloodshed in the future. The caller even cited the pizza delivery men as legitimate targets since they were servicing British forces. The next day, Police Service of Northern Ireland (PSNI) officer Stephen Carroll was shot dead in Craigavon, County Armagh in another dissident attack this time carried out by another splinter group of the Provisional IRA known as the Continuity IRA.


Flowers left at the gate where the shooting took place (Belfast Telegraph)

An investigation was launched into the attack while the people of the United Kingdom, who had become so focused on the threat from Islamic extremism and the conflicts in Afghanistan and Iraq, were quickly reminded that despite the Good Friday Agreement, Northern Ireland was still divided and armed. However, many leading figures of the former Provisional IRA such as Martin McGuinness and Sinn Féin President Gerry Adams publicly condemned the shootings claiming the perpetrators had no real support or plan for a united Ireland. There was also widespread condemnation from abroad such as the US and the government in Dublin as well by Pope Benedict XVI. There was also a mass vigil attended by Catholics and Protestants at the barracks to remember the fallen soldiers. The splinter groups of the IRA remained unapologetic however with the Continuity IRA stating that the Irish people had a right to use whatever force was necessary to remove the British from Ireland and that the attack was not murder but more akin to an act of war.

A week after the attack, three men were arrested but one was subsequently released. The two remaining men, Colin Duffy from Lurgan and  Brian Shivers from Magherafelt, were put on trial for the shooting. Duffy, a long-time Republican, was found not-guilty in 2012 and released but Shivers was convicted and sentenced to life in prison. There was a great deal of controversy surrounding this conviction since it was based primarily on DNA evidence found in a glove that was in the abandoned Vauxhall Cavalier but ignored the fact that Shivers was not a well man suffering from Cystic Fibrosis. There was also the fact that his wife – herself a Protestant – gave him an alibi for the night of the attack which was dismissed in the trail. After the launching of a campaign by his family and friends a retrial was granted in 2013. Shivers was cleared of the attack. His lawyer said to reporters that he was not celebrating but rather his thoughts were with the families of Pat Azimkar and Mark Quinsey who still demand answers to why their sons will never come home.

A memorial to Pat Azimkar and Mark Quinsey was erected at Massereene Barracks but was moved to Aldergrove when 38 Engineering Regiment was relocated there and the barracks were sold to Randox Laboratories Ltd. in 2013. In the days after the shooting, shocked news reporters described Army duty in 21st century Northern Ireland as being no more dangerous than on the mainland. This demonstrated how complacent many people had become regarding the situation in Northern Ireland and while there seems to be a committed effort on all sides for peace there still remain those willing to take up arms to achieve their aims.




News Round-Up – December 29th 2016

Type 45

Defence of the Realm’s Christmas hiatus is over. Here are some of the latest British military news stories making the headlines this past week.

General News

Forces braced for more cuts in defence cash squeeze
(The Telegraph)

UK must boost its defence role after Brexit
(Financial Times)

MoD made 44 allegations of corruption on defence contracts since 2011
(The Guardian)

British Army News

UK Strike Brigades to wait for new artillery

Iraq mission ahead for Wolverhampton Army Reserve
(Express & Star)

Russian defence minister compares British army to Nazi Germany
(The Independant)

Six British ex-solders spending Christmas Day in ‘hell hole’ Indian jail

UK Detectives Investigating Death of Kenyan in British Army
(All Africa)

This is a drill: British army returns to Hong Kong

Royal Air Force News

RAF preparing for major offensive against ISIS to crush Syrian terror ‘capital’ Raqqa

Corrie Mckeague and his mysterious disappearance

Huge unexploded World War Two bomb dropped by RAF defused after 54,000 people evacuated from their homes in Germany at Christmas
(The Irish Sun)

RAF College Cranwell set for expansion
(Grantham Journal)

Royal Navy & Marines News

Rolls-Royce prepares to test ‘fix’ for unreliable Type 45 destroyer engines on the open sea
(The Telegraph)

HMS Shoreham completes refurb
(Shepard Media)

Britain is struggling to cope with an increasingly aggressive Russian navy
(Mail Online)

Royal Commonwealth Society director backs calls for a new HMY Britannia
(The Telegraph)

World’s oldest warship afloat in North-East dock takes on a £1m adventure for bicentenary
(The Northern Echo)

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News Round-Up – November 24th 2016

HMS Ocean

Here are some of the latest British military news stories making the headlines this past week.

British Army News

‘Object Of Interest’ Found In Army Killing Case
(Forces TV)

British army now has fewer soldiers than the number killed on the first day of the Battle of the Somme
(The Sun)

Queen is in danger of losing the Guard at Buckingham Palace
(Mail Online)

Papers released of Dorset soldier’s ancestor who was tank commander at Battle of the Somme
(Dorset Echo)

Royal Air Force News

RAF kills TEN times the amount of ISIS fighters in Iraq than in Syria as MPs’ pledge to ‘obliterate terrorist targets’ falls flat
(The Sun)

RAF serviceman Corrie McKeague missing for two months

RAF Spy Base Gets New 9000ft Runway
(Forces TV)

Banking scandal fallout will help fund RAF museum renewal
(Borehamwood Times)

Britain builds maintenance hangar for A400M transports

Second World War bomber renovated thanks to experts at RAF Museum Cosford
(Shropshire Star)

Royal Navy & Marines News

British Warship Docks in Israel After Joint Exercises
(The Tower)

First U.K. Royal Navy AW101 Merlin MK4 Takes Flight

Royal Navy sunken submarine found 100 years later

Disclaimer: all news stories are the property of their respective publishers. Any opinions expressed in the articles are of the person making them.