Recommended Reading #2

Fairey Fulmar N1854 (7)

Looking for more on British military history, news and technology? Below are a list of articles that I recommend you take a look at. Some are recent while others not so but all are worth a read.

Fairey Fulmar; Design & Development
A fascinating and detailed account of the story surrounding the genesis of the Fairey Fulmar; the Fleet Air Arm’s two-seat, heavy monoplane fighter and a truly under-appreciated aircraft of World War II.

WW2 UK Armour
An overview of British armoured fighting vehicles in World War II. 

Principle Fighters of 1916
A look at the types of aircraft used to wage the first battle for air supremacy over the battlefield.

The Pathfinders
Around the borders of Cambridgeshire and Northamptonshire in an area near Huntingdon, are a group of airfields that are synonymous with target marking. ‘Pathfinder country’ is an area rich in aviation history and played a major part in the European Theatre of Operations.