NEWS: Royal Navy Merlin Helicopters 10,000 Miles Against Ebola


Royal Navy helicopters have flown more than 10,000 miles over Sierra Leone in the fight against Ebola.

In their first month in West Africa, the Merlins of 820 Naval Air Squadron have covered the length and breadth of the small republic supporting Britain’s efforts on the ground to halt the spread of the disease.

Using support ship RFA Argus as their base, the three helicopters have spent more than nine days in the skies, over 210 hours, delivering supplies, food, stores and people.

Among the Merlins’ passengers during their first month in West Africa: Sierra Leone’s President Ernest Bai Koroma, who was flown to remote towns to allow him to spread the message on combating Ebola.


The arrival of RFA Argus in Sierra Leone at the end of October was described as a “game changer” by the local government in the fight against Ebola. As this video filmed earlier in the year shows it’s easy to see why.