NEWS: Former British base in Afghanistan at risk of being overrun by Taliban fighters

British troops on final parade in 2014

British troops on final parade in 2014

Camp Bastion, the former British Army headquarters in the Helmand Province of Afghanistan and now operated by the Afghan National Army (ANA), has been in danger of being overrun by Taliban fighters after repeated attacks prompting the Americans to deploy Special Forces teams to protect it.

Demonstrating just how far security has collapsed in the province since Britain withdrew its forces last year, the United States has been forced to use 90 ‘Special Operations’ soldiers to keep the base in the hands of the ANA. For the ANA the tactical situation has become so dire that its officers are reportedly paying the Taliban thousands of US dollars not to attack them.

Camp Bastion was Britain’s largest operational combat base anywhere in the world since the end of World War II. Initially constructed as an airfield in 2006, it swelled to become the size of Reading and among other things included its own Pizza Hut restaurant. The published cost of setting up and running the camp between 2006 and 2014 is £20billion.