Sherman tank “Lily Marlene” at Fortress Wales 2016

M4 Sherman tank T232668 “Lily Marlene” on the move around the grounds at Caldicot Castle as it gets ready to participate in the World War II battle demonstration.

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Defence of the Realm You Tube Trailer

I have decided to create a dedicated Defence of the Realm YouTube channel rather than continue putting posts on my personal channel. This will help better promote the channel and give it its own identity. To that end I have put together this little trailer for the channel. Its quite straightforward at the moment but I plan to make a more complex version in the future.

Coming Soon to a YouTube channel near you – Defence of the Realm The Podcast

Podcast Title Card

As of this morning work commenced on the first Defence of the Realm podcast. It has always been my intention to branch out on to YouTube with the very long term goal of creating a series of amateur documentaries. At the moment the first video is very rough around the edges and is mainly to serve as a prototype to help me iron out the bugs (and learn how to best present the video – at the moment I am droning like an aero engine).

Watch this space…

Canberra T.17 Video

Defence of the Realm’s invasion of YouTube continues. My second video to carry the banner of the site focuses on the Canberra T.17 at East Midlands Aerodrome. As well as photos this one includes a brief video I took of the inside of the cockpit.

PLEASE Remember I am still new at this and these videos are very basic and rusty but I am learning with each one. Hopefully in the future they will have CGI effects and explosions that Michael Bay would be proud of.

– Tony